Here Are Top 5 Best Free E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore

Are you a new entrepreneur in Singapore who wants to start an online business? If yes, this is a good idea as you will reach international customers. Online business requires less coin to start unlike on the physical store where you will need construction fee as well as overhead costs. In the online business, you will only need an e-commerce website which is free to create.

There are best e-commerce platform websites made for you in Singapore to enable your to build a profession site. As you know, no customer will wish to shop from a sketch website. With this, you will need to look for the best platform to help you stand out from competitors. Here are the platforms:

create an eye-catching site


WooCommerce is among the best platforms in Singapore. It is free and has a user-friendly interface. With this, you will create a unique e-commerce website without any design skills. This platform comes with advanced features that will enhance the functionality of your business. WooCommerce has beautiful templates which will enable you to create a professional site within a minute. Also, it has payment gateways which will allow customers to use their payment method of preference. With this, you can assure them that their sensitive data will be safe.

The good thing with WooCommerce is that inventory management feature it has. It will enable you to track stock levels which will save your time automatically. Also, this platform will provide you with an opportunity to offer discount coupons and codes. As you know, customers would prefer to shop at a store with offers. Hence, using WooCommerce to create your website is crucial as customers will choose to buy from your site.


Another free e-commerce website builder is Magento. With this platform, you will build a unique site which will enable customers to differentiate you from your competitors. Magento comes with SEO feature which will make your site to appear high on search engines. With this, customers will easily find you.

Also, this platform will help you manage your inventories. With this, you will avoid selling products that are out-of-stock. The greatest strength of Magento is the marketing tools it contains to enable your site to reach both international and local customers. The built-in multilingual feature it has will enable you to sell your products easily to international customers. As you know, many customers understand different languages which make it a challenge when it comes to communicating. However, Magento will ease this process as it has many languages.


This platform is a drag and drop website builder. Webstarts works well for starters to enable them to build a professional website with ease. It has HTML editing which will allow you to customize your site and add content or a logo to come up with a unique e-commerce website. Also, it comes with a variety of templates for you to choose from to enable you to create an eye-catching site. With Webstarts, you will reach a massive number of customers due to the SEO tools and the integration with social media feature.


If you are looking for a platform with an extensive app market and with no page limit, you need to give Wix a try. This platform has excellent templates for different industries to enable you to choose one that best suits your niche. With Wix, you cannot lose important information due to its automatic site back up. This platform is among the few that will allow you to animate your text and other elements. With this, you can come up with a unique site.


Weebly is an e-commerce website builder with a variety of payment gateways to allow customers to use their payment method of choice. Weebly has a responsive design to enable customers to use their mobile phones to browse through your site. Also, this platform has SEO feature to allow your site rank high on search engines.