The best eCommerce platforms made for you

eCommerce platforms

If you have decided to launch an eCommerce business, then you should start analyzing a few things that can determine the success of your business. First of all, you should analyze the best eCommerce platforms made for you. When we say “made for you” we mean platforms that were created with the needs of specific users in mind. It’s hard to tell which one is the best for your business, but we will highlight a few platforms that are quite popular in Singapore and around the globe.


Volusion is an interesting eCommerce platform that has a few unique features and characteristics. For example, building an eCommerce website via Volusion takes place on one template file. This platform is known for the excellent customer support. This is also very easy to use platform and even with no skills and knowledge, you will be able to create a store.


Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce solution for your business. Thousands of stores around the world, including Singapore, are powered by this eCommerce platform. This solution comes with a myriad of add-ons that can help you boost the functionality of your website. There are also many modern templates that will help you avoid a situation where you have to build a website from scratch. Shopify also supports a wide range of payment options.


Magento is another popular solution, but this time we are looking at a self-hosted solution. This platform has been offering services for a long time now. Thousands of online stores have accepted their offer. Some of these businesses are large while others are small. In other words, Magento is good for businesses of all sizes. The biggest disadvantage of Magento is that you will need some knowledge and skills in order to get the most from it. You will probably have to hire an expert in this field if you want to ensure that everything will run smoothly.


PrestaShop is getting more and more popular in Asia. In addition, European retailers have been using this eCommerce platform for years now which is obviously a sign that you are looking at a good platform. What’s interesting is that PrestaShop is offering a self-hosted and hosted solution and it’s up to you to make the final choice. Another thing that’s attractive is the PrestaShop community which can help you solve some issues that you may encounter and optimize your shop.

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