The Top eCommerce Platforms for my Business

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So, you have decided to take your business to another level. Congrats! As you are probably aware of doing business online is not the future, it’s the presence for many people and organizations and there’s no reason why you should stay aside and watch others making a profit online. In addition, the eCommerce platforms that are popping up all the time are making this activity even easier and more profitable. If you are not sure which platform you should choose for your online business, follow our suggestions because we’ve picked the best eCommerce platforms for your business. It doesn’t really matter whether you are running a business in Singapore, Hong Kong or New York, these platforms should be able to help you.


For starters, there’s Squarespace. This eCommerce platform represents a fully-functional eCommerce platform which is available at a reasonable price. There’s a myriad of templates available via this platform and regardless of your selection, you will get a chance to upload as many items as you want. In addition, with this eCommerce platform, you have complete control regarding inventory management. The only downside is that Squarespace doesn’t have many SEO tools.


This is an example of a fast-growing cloud-based solution for small business. Thanks to CommerceHub, retailers can enhance their inventory management and order management. This is just one of the many reasons why so many startups are selecting CommerceHub. The competitive price and the flexibility of this platform will give you an advantage over well-established, large retailers.


Obviously, Shopify is an eCommerce platform created with the needs of online business owners in mind. This is a reliable and powerful eCommerce platform that has literally everything you need to start selling items over the Internet right away. After all, that’s why there are thousands of stores powered by this platform. Shopify will help you upload as many products as you want. It also offers great inventory management tools and functionalities and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay transaction fees.


Magento is a flexible platform that is suitable for both large and small businesses. So, scalability is not an issue when you are using Magento. Keep in mind that we are talking about an open source eCommerce platform which can be modified in any way you want. However, it takes some skills and knowledge in order to build the perfect store with the help of Magento.

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